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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is PGP?

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is a data encryption and decryption software that provides the forefront in data security and private communications.

Why do I need to encrypt my email?

Whether you're interested in securing data, satisfying federal compliance regulations or simply avoiding an embarrassing data breach, PGP is the right choice for you or your organization. In all honesty, you wouldn't leave your house unlocked would you?

Who actually uses PGP encrypted email?

Many individuals and organizations from commercial to government sectors are slowly starting to realize the importance of encryupted data protection. Countries are also doing the same and slowly implementing encrypted data protection compliance guidelines.

Does Myntex currently have any authorized resellers? How would I contact them?

You can find all the contact information for our resellers on our Authorized Resellers page.

How do I become an authorized reseller?

If you are interested in becoming an authorized reseller please contact our sales department today.

What BlackBerry models can I use for Encrypted Email Service?

You can use virtually any BlackBerry Handheld except for the Q10, Z10, and Torch. We recommend using the BlackBerry 9720 or 9790

Why can't you install PGP Encryption on the new Q10 or the Z10?

You can't install BlackBerry PGP Security on the Q10 or Z10 because OS10 uses a completely different operating system than the previous Encrypted BlackBerry devices

What is a PGP public key?

When you communicate with another encrypted email, your device will automatically download the email recipients public key from their organizations universal server. It is the public key that is used to encrypt the email so that it can only be decrypted by the recipient's private key.

What is a PGP private key?

A private key is your unique key used to decrypt your private email messages. No one has access to your private key except you.

What Mobile Encryption grade do you use?

We utilize the latest encryption software; AES 256bit with RSA 4096 algorithm

Why do I have to install the device software before I install PGP BlackBerry software?

Our PGP Encrypted blackberries will not allow any software to be installed on the Encrypted BlackBerry after the device has been activated to prevent the installation of any keyloggers, trojans, or other malicious software after it's left your trusted reseller.

Where can I get support?

We offer a variety of support methods. All our contact options can be found on our Contact Us page.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you forget your password you will need to contact us. There will be a setup fee involved since we will have to issue a full device wipe and issue new private and public keys for your email.

What happens if I enter my password incorrectly five times?

Your BlackBerry will automatically perform a security wipe and you will lose all the information that was stored on the device.

Does Myntex offer an automatic email deletion option?

We offer an automated deletion service of emails that are older than 24 hours. This option is free of charge and strongly recommended. Let one of our sales associates know if you would like to add this when you place your order. You may contact us at any time to remove or add this feature.

Can I access my email from anything other than a BlackBerry device?

No, the only way to decrypt your emails is with your unique private key. Since we cannot store a duplicate of your private key you will only be able to decrypt your messages on your blackberry device.

What happens if I lose or someone steals my phone? Is there a way to remotely delete all my messages?

You can contact us at any time and we will issue a full security wipe and lock the device.

Can I communicate with other companies that offer PGP encrypted BlackBerry devices?

Yes, we do not restrict the use of our phones with other companies. Myntex deploys PGP the way it was designed to be implemented.

Why can't I communicate with my friends encrypted BlackBerry?

This can happen for a variety of reasons. The Encrypted BlackBerry they are using must have the BlackBerry PGP Support package and there provider needs to have configured their servers correctly to work with other companies. If you experience this problem please contact us directly for more information.

Why does Myntex have some of the most competitive prices in comparison to other companies?

We believe as a company that encrypted communication should be affordable, not just to corporations but also to individual users.

Do you offer Secure Notepad, and is it safe?

We have been testing out the Secure Notepad and we don't recommend it. PGP Encryption is the only uncrackable encryption algorithm available because it uses a multiple layer key system. Secure notepad is not open source and uses internet connectivity, because of this we cannot verify why it's accessing network resources and guarantee it's security. We strongly advise against it, but it is still offered by request.

Where is Myntex located?

Myntex is a Canadian based company. Our office is located in Calgary, Alberta. We own and manage our own Enterprise Data Center.

Is Myntex a registered company?

We are an incorporated company under the provincial Alberta Business Corporations Act. If you would like more information please contact us at any time.

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