Security is intertwined in everything we do
because it’s in our DNA.


At Myntex®, our focus is on the security of our customers. We understand your need for privacy. We ensure you are protected on both the server side and the client side with our exclusive encryption solution, to which you hold the private keys. We take pride in having created one of the most exceptional mobile device management systems available today.

Our expertise in virtualization allows us to maximize the efficiency, management, and operation of our custom data center. This gives you a competitive edge with our industry leading reliability, with 99.9% up time. Myntex customers are always secure and connected to our sophisticated high speed encrypted network. Our international clients enjoy friendly customer service with prompt replies.

We are industry leaders in encrypted phone solutions

Myntex is the largest provider of end-to-end encrypted mobile solutions in Canada. We service the needs of enterprise corporations, small businesses and individuals alike. Imagine the peace of mind you'll get from knowing your communications are completely secure and private. Myntex takes the worry of data breaches out of the equation so you can watch your productivity soar.

Company Information

Myntex is a privately owned Canadian corporation with global reach. Once a small start-up with thoughts of becoming a trusted exchange website, Myntex branched out into the security market. Now a thriving business - operating out of a 5,000-square-foot, two story office space in Calgary, Alberta - the company's playful environment is a hub of collaboration and creativity.

Myntex provides you with reliable, transparent and trustworthy encrypted solutions, ensuring your communications and data are private and secure. Without the use of encryption you jeopardize your rights to privacy. Myntex is an industry leader in the field of encryption technology delivering affordable and secure solutions.

About the CEO

Geoff Green is President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Myntex. A rarity in the computer and technology industry, Green is a visionary and an ardent advocate for empowering data privacy and security through technological advances.

Green has stewarded Myntex from its inception as a private currency exchange company, to leveraging technologies and market demands to grow Myntex into the thriving cyber security company it is today. From breaking into the market with the first mobile messenger product to parse PGP, to building strategic partnerships that have grown into a global reseller network, Green continues to lead a team of developers who are innovating encryption solutions and mobile device management. Green continually demonstrates an enormous capacity to solve problems, turning his knowledge and skills into value added products and services that are transforming how people communicate to maintain privacy in today’s digital world.

Learn more about Geoff on Medium or LinkedIn.