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Everyone has the
Right to Privacy

Introducing ChatMail, from the industry's most trusted provider.

Enhanced Encryption
ChatMail uses a propretary design so servers do not
store your confidential information: including contacts,
notes, emails and encrypted messages.

Remote Wipe
Instantly have your lost or stolen device wiped
or your account cancelled via the Reseller Portal.
Your data is never at risk.

Tamper Proofing
Attack surfaces such as ADB connectivity, root access,
and unlocking are non-existent.

Whitelisting and Open Communication
Access one of the largest whitelists available.
No blocking means you can communicate freely to other providers.

A profitable opportunity you can't ignore

More and more, people are looking for secure ways to communicate.
As a reseller, this is your opportunity to meet the growing demand for mobile encryption.

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Secure your communications today, with our latest encrypted
ChatMail device or an encrypted BlackBerry


  • Easy to use, integrated encryption
  • Advanced, unbreakable hardware
  • Custom designed from the ground up
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Encrypted BlackBerry 7

  • Latest in PGP encryption technology
  • Fast and cost-effective
  • Great for personal / business users
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