Encrypted Phone Plan Descriptions

Myntex offers several encrypted phone plans for BlackBerry. All plans use PGP encryption for secure messaging.

Deluxe Plan

Our Deluxe encrypted phone plan for BlackBerry offers a unique service that allows you to use your current BlackBerry without disabling any features on the phone. This requires you to have your own BIS/BES data plan from your own cell phone provider. Your purchase is providing you with a secure encrypted phone with a PGP email address and access to our technical support team.

Express Plan

The Express encrypted phone plan for BlackBerry is an ideal solution if you already have your own BlackBerry device and are requiring an anonymous, untraceable and encrypted email service. This plan restricts the use of your BlackBerry device to allow only encrypted messaging. Disabled features include: microphone, camera, SMS, GPS, browser and voice calls. This plan requires you to send us an unlocked BlackBerry mobile device, which we activate and setup to create an encrypted phone. The Express plan works on a 6 month pre-paid basis.

Premier and Executive Plans

If you're looking for a fast, ready to go, no hassle means of getting an encrypted phone, our Premier and Executive plans are the popular choice. These plans include an encrypted, activated BlackBerry shipped right to your door. As with our Express plan this plan also restricts the use of your BlackBerry device to allow only encrypted, secure messaging. These plans work on a 6 month pre-paid basis.

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