BlackBerry Encryption Plans
That Make Sense!

Get encrypted messaging with a new BlackBerry
from Myntex, or use your existing device.

Encrypted BlackBerry Plans & Pricing

  • All encrypted BlackBerry plans are pre-paid.
  • Wipe your BlackBerry by accident? No problem! We never charge for re‑activation.
  • Buy local and save. Find an Authorized Reseller in your area. Cheaper, no shipping and you can meet in person.
  • Same day setup!
  • We own our servers. No co-location or 3rd party hosting.
  • Custom encrypted domains available for large customers.
  • Deluxe and Express plans allow you to use your existing BlackBerry device. Premiere and Executive plans include an encrypted BlackBerry device.
  • View our encrypted phone plan descriptions to see all of the details.
Best in Customer Support
The Most Competitive Pricing.

Myntex Customers Enjoy:

  • We never charge for a secure wipe
    Contact us at any time and we can issue a full secure wipe of your encrypted BlackBerry. We make sure your private and confidential information stays secure.
  • No hassle
    Other providers may spam you on your encrypted BlackBerry. We don't endorse spam, and won't send you unsolicited mail.
  • Compatibility
    We allow the use of our encrypted BlackBerry devices with all other devices that use the same PGP encryption standard as Myntex.
  • Consolidated billing
    With Myntex, you receive a reminder email sent right to your encrypted BlackBerry device 14 days in advance of your plan expiration to ensure you don't lose your valued encryption service.
  • Custom IT policies
    You can decide to upgrade or downgrade your IT policies at any time throughout the duration of your plan. We can also work with you to create a completely custom plan that meets your requirements.

Encrypted BlackBerry Plan Comparison Chart
Deluxe Express Premier Executive


Encryption Grade 4096 Bit Encryption
Storage Unlimited Encrypted Messaging
Auto Delete (Optional Feature) Yes Yes Yes Yes
BlackBerry Phone Included BlackBerry
GPS, SMS, Phone Calls, Microphone
and Camera Disabled
Yes Yes Yes


Your Own BlackBerry Device Yes Yes
BIS/BES Data Package from
your Cell Phone Provider

Coverage Area

International Yes Yes Yes Yes


3 Month lock N/A N/A N/A
6 Month lock lock lock lock
One-Time Setup Fee lock lock $0 $0
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